Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Red Top

Usually for these quick paintings I stick to headshots. Once I get into arms and legs and hands etc it becomes a lot more complicated and time consuming and let's face it....more like work. But , I have been thinking that I should start to do more than just here's a torso! Eventually at this rate, slowly but surely I'll get to full figures :)


Eric Orchard said...

Hi there, I love your stuff and will be visiting often. I'll pass word along about this blog too.

Michael Dooney said...

thanks eric I appreciate it ;)

Sam said...

Awesome art. Are you using canvas paper? What size? I've started acrylic painting (Portraits) about a year and a half ago on canvas but it takes me forever.
Any tips?



Michael Dooney said...

These are mostly done in my sketchbook on plain canson sketchbook paper.
I just picked up a pad of canvas paper to try it out for fun so we'll see.
these are all very small between3-6 inches wide, pretty close to the size they appear on your screen.

Sam said...

I wish I could work in small sizes. I usually use 24"x36" or a bit smaller.
I saw the artwork of Wonder Woman you did for Wonder Woman Day (I think). Beautiful stuff.
Love your artwork Michael.

Michael Dooney said...

You should try working small, you might be surprised by the results. It takes a long time to fill 24x36 worth of canvas space and playing around at a smaller size might open your eyes to new ways of doing things.

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