Thursday, January 31, 2008

Victorian beauty

While I may be comfortable living in the "modern" world, I can't deny that there is something very appealing about the slower pace of the 19th century that tugs at my soul...especially the girls in fancy dresses and the art!


Anonymous said...

i'm curious of how much time you took on this one :)
It seems that you have worked with fairly dry paint this time, am i wrong.
beautifull painting, as always ;-)

Michael Dooney said...

I probably spent about an hour and a half all together. I tend to work in 20 minute-half hour bursts over a couple of evenings. This one is a little bigger than usual too, about 6 inches square. I don't add much water to the acrylics, just enough to get them to flow off the brush.

Barbie Bud said...

This is lovely. This reminds me of Somewhere in Time, the movie with Jane Seymour. First time visiting your blog, your work is very very nice. I'll stop back. Barb

Michael Dooney said...

Sappy soul that I am, Somewhere in Time is one of my favorite movies and don't even get me started on Jane Seymour ;)