Monday, September 29, 2008


Yeah I know, before you even ask...I have no idea ;)
I was painting the figure and he just looked very serious and I thought I'd change up the mood, so when all else fails, I add fish.
This one is acrylic on masonite about 4"x6".
It's interesting switching between oils and acrylics since the painting process is different for each. I like the way you can work the oil paint even after it's been down for a while , but I also like the way the acrylics hold the brush strokes.


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Lingua Loria said...

"...when all else fails, I add fish."

There have been worse philosophies.

I grabbed one of your business cards at the Paint & Pixel Festival today and thought I'd pop by. I've enjoyed browsing your blog!


Michael Dooney said...

cool, thanks