Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gouache time lapse

I took some in progress pics of one of the little heads. I'm using gouache but in a very watercolory way, no white, just diluted shades of black paint. I work from light to dark in typical watercolor style. Alex Ross works the opposite way, establishing the blacks first then adding shades of grey. Maybe I'll give that a try once I get a better feel for things.
With acrylics and oils I jump in with much less of a drawing at the beginning and work from dark to light so this technique uses a whole 'nother side of my brain ;)


~ tOkKa said...

-->> god, ok cool !!

..i appreciate this also cuz it also gives a better sense of scale to the source material , how you build upon the shape, and the higher rez also shows me the power of the progression of the piece.

Guess i need to learn to slow down more. Most of my questions will get answered in time.

I'm thankful cuz i'm not used to seeing your work's progression like this, or at least rarely.


Sam said...

Love it! Would love to see some more progressions. :)

Jesse said...

Is that James Spader circa Boston Legal, or am I imagining things?

Michael Dooney said...

Yeah, while I'm not usually focusing on likenesses...sometimes it comes through. You can see the photo in the first frame.

googler said...

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