Friday, March 12, 2010

Golden's Open Acrylics

I've always been an acrylic painter. Oh, I've used everything else, but I always come back to acrylics. But I also can't resist trying out new products so I bought several tubes of the new "Open" acrylics by Goldens. "OPEN" refers to how long chemicals will remain workable before they set up, in this case the paint. A lot of people gripe about the fact that acrylics dry too fast so these are the paints to shut those people up!
These handle much more like oils than they do like acrylics, in fact they handle more like oils than the water based oil paints I've tried in the past.
I paint pretty thin, so this was dry to the touch the following morning, but since I seldom spend more than a couple of hours on these types of quick paintings I was working on wet paint the whole time.I suppose if you were an oil painter that worked really thickly , these would be a godsend since they'd try in days rather than weeks!
Often when I try out new supplies I'm like meh! But I like these and I'm going to play with them for a while.

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Sam said...

Interesting. I've got to try these Open paints out. Thanks!