Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loomis and Leyendecker are coming in September!

I sure don't want the Summer to end, but there are some great reasons to look forward to September, two of my favorite artists have new books coming out....a brand spankin' new book about J.C. Leyendecker and a looooooong overdue reprinting of Andrew Loomis' Creative Illustration.
Along with a lot of other comic fans in the eighties, I discovered the great Andrew Loomis drawing books through Steve Rude's Nexus series. From the moment I got my hands on one of his books, I knew that I had found gold. While my tastes in lots of things come and go as time goes by, I still want to be Andrew Loomis when I grow up ;)
I have all of his books and every time I pour through them I make some kind of connection that I hadn't before.
While "Figure Drawing for all it's worth" seems like a better choice to test the waters with, "Creative Illustration" is a great book too, it covers everything from composition, to drawing and painting techniques to making a career in art.
I''ve heard that the new publisher may do other Loomis books if this one is well received, so go preorder it now!
Heck, I'm ordering it even though I've already got a copy of the original!


bpresing said...

That's fantastic news!
It's about time. On both counts.

Michael Dooney said...

I hear you my brother! That Michael Schau Leyendecker book that came out in the '70's is impossible to find even for $ and it's mostly black and white reproductions. I really hope that they shoot from the original paintings and not just reproduce magazine covers for this new book.

Chuck said...

What great news! I've been teaching Figure Construction for 10 years now and I have been waiting for somone to print Loomis' figure books, but I'm sure the illustration book will be just as good. The only way I could show my students Loomis' work was refer them to a website where they could download the book. I will also check out the Leyendecker stuff as well. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...


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