Monday, August 18, 2008

I got schooled!

In keeping with my idea that you've got to remain a student if you want to improve, I recently took an oil painting workshop at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The workshop was taught by a super-brushy illustrator named Greg Manchess whose work I've always really liked. Since I've got very little experience in painting with oils and painting from the live model, it was a struggle but I learned a lot and am itching to continue. Greg is a great teacher and a fun guy so the time flew by.
If you're ever near Stockbridge, Mass you really owe it to yourself to check out the Rockwell museum. Even if you don't dig the subject matter, I guarantee that you will leave with a whole new appreciation of just how good a painter he was.


John said...

"I got schooled!"

Me too!
I got to attend the Illustration Mater Class, featuring Greg, last June. I love his direct approach to painting.

Actually, his technique is probably very similar to yours, and similarly brush stroke-y. Yum.

Michael Dooney said...

Ha, I only heard about that master class afterwards, it would have been great to go to it, especially since it was like 15 minutes from my house...d'oh!
I always liked Greg's work, but seeing his originals was a real eye opener they are so rich and big!
My brain is still swirling with painterly thoughts but unfortunately my work schedule hasn't given me any free time to get painting..grr...

john said...

I hear rumor that there will be a Illustration Master Class 2009. Well worth it, especially if you live close by. I had to travel from Oregon!